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Categoría: Cartoon


Esta serie se trataba de una familia extraterrestre prehistórica: Zandor, Zara y Dorno y sus "bestias" Glup y Glip, Thundro, Igoo y Zok.

  • The Mutoids
  • The Gladiators of Kyanite
  • The Antidote
  • Attack From Space
  • Defeat of Ogron
  • Destroyer Ants
  • Mekkano, The Machine Man
  • Prisoners of the Bubble Men
  • The Android People
  • The Crystalites
  • The Pirates
  • The Pod Creatures
  • The Spider Man
  • The Island of the Gravites
  • Tiny World of Terror
  • Mission of the Amatons
  • Swamp Monster
  • The Lost Dargyte
  • Temple of Trax
  • Mekkor
  • Queen Skorra
  • The Raiders
  • Malak and the Metal Apes
  • The Mole Men
  • Return of Sta-Lek
  • The Time Creatures
  • Attack of the Faceless People
  • Revenge of the Pirates
  • Laser Lancers
  • Sarko the Arkman
  • The Beaked People
  • The Zorbots
  • Invasion of the Electrode People
  • Ruler of the Reptons
  • The Raider Apes
  • The Return of Torak